PBSC and Marrow Donation

Two Ways to Donate

If selected as a match in the registry, donors are asked to donate via one of two procedures: Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) donation (76% of the time), or marrow donation (24%).

PBSC and marrow donation differ in a number of ways and the decision to use either method is determined by the doctors administering the marrow transplant. Factors that impact this decision include, but are not limited to, the disease, age, and condition of the patient.

To learn more about each procedure, please read the information included below or visit the Donation FAQs at BeTheMatch.org. The majority of content on this page is taken directly from the Donation FAQs via BeTheMatch.

Note: The “Dan’s Input” sections of this page are Dan’s personal experience and perspective on each procedure and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult and follow the directions of a medical professional when making any type of medical decision.

Donating Marrow Sections