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If you have any special skills, talents, or connections that you think would be valuable for Cheekswab and registering minority bone marrow donors, we would love to work with you.

As a new and independent initiative, Cheekswab is always looking for new opportunities to help spread the awareness for the need for bone marrow donors. This includes venues in which to conduct drives, in addition to the skills and connections that others may have to assist in getting the word out. We would love, and could overwhelmingly use, any help you can offer.

Areas of Need

  • Organizations or individuals with interest in sponsoring drives and/or providing funding for registration processing fees
  • Designers for web and/or print media
  • Individuals with experience navigating and leading social initiatives
  • Those with connections that may serve valuable in publicizing the cause for bone marrow registration within specific ethnic minority groups
  • People interested in volunteering for drives themselves, or learning more about the drive coordination process
  • Event organizers/performers who would like to run a drive at a show/performance/venue
  • Insert your expertise/experience here

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