Host a Drive

Host a Drive

Hosting a drive at your workplace, social gathering, or place of worship is the single most effective way to increase registry enrollment.

If you feel convicted about the need for bone marrow donors and want to share that conviction with others, a great way to do so is to host a drive. Drives can be accommodated for any size of group, from close friends/family to gatherings of over 100 people. As a volunteer for the Be The Match, all of our drive supplies and promotional material comes directly from the organization.

Drives handled by Cheekswab are preferably located within or around NYC and either in the evenings during weekdays or on the weekends. However, special distances/times can always be accommodated, so please make sure to contact us before assuming that we’d refuse a drive request. If we can’t handle a drive for you we’ll do our best to find someone else who can. The need for donors is simply too important to allow drives to slip through our fingers due to circumstance.

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