Joining the Registry

A young woman filling out the form to join the registry

Joining the Be The Match Registry is simple and painless. All it takes is 1 registration form and 4 cheek swabs.

The steps for joining the bone marrow registry were crafted in the best interests of both the potential donor and recipient. Being on the marrow registry is accompanied by the commitment and responsibility that Be The Match requires all donors to agree to before joining. Also, because at the core donating marrow is a medical procedure, Be The Match requires that potential donors pass preliminary medical guidelines for both their safety and the safety of the patient. These guidelines are determined federally by organizations such as the FDA.

Once the potential donor is ready to join, the registration process is very simple and completely painless. There is a somewhat lengthy registration form (for good reason) and a swab kit with four cheek swabs that are used to acquire cheek cells for HLA-typing. We walk you through what information you’ll need to complete that form and the swabbing process.

If you’re unable to attend a drive in person, you can still order a swab kit to your home via the Be The Match website.