Order a Swab Kit Online

Join the Registry from Home

For those that are unable to attend bone marrow registration drives locally, the National Marrow Donor Program provides an online process that ships a marrow processing kit to your home. To learn more, please visit the “Online Registration” page at bethematch.org.

Be The Match requests that prospective donors who choose to order kits follow the following three steps:

  1. Confirm that you meet the basic registry guidelines.
  2. Complete the online form and registration kit. This will require registering an account at join.bethematch.org. Please also consider making a financial donation to help offset some of the costs associated with kit processing.
  3. After obtaining the swab kit in the mail, follow the instructions in your kit to collect a swab of cheek cells and return the kit.

When ordering a swab kit from Be The Match, it will come automatically barcoded to comply with your online registration form. Please complete and return the kits in a timely manner. Many people who order kits through the mail never complete them, resulting in unnecessary supply, administrative, and logistics costs for BTM.

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